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1 month ago

PAMX Association

High point Raceway will not be racing this weekend due to the hurricane coming up from the south.

We Will move the event to Saturday Sept 22
With a Friday practice

Thank you for your understanding

PAMX Association

Jeff Cernic


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Moto GP is 22nd.

Cole Hess

Nate Puzak

Madi Mark

Ethan Darazio


Jack Machuta

Randy Fisher Josh Morgan Merschat Bryson Brink

That’s disappointing the GP is not using mx. It made spectating for the vet National nicer for fan since grass track was so far away.

Bobbi Jo Lesko

Adam Herb - FYI for work scheduling!!

I know I'm only one person, but shouldn't they try to make it on a Sunday? It might be hard for some ppl to get off of work. Like me.

Dave Barnhart, Andrew Barnhart not sure how this is gonna work with school and work :/

That's bullshit

What really!!!! What happened to motocross???? Bet the surfers are enjoying the hurricane!!!!!!

Sofia Sofia

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